Different Levels & Types of STRESS

04 Jun

Stress comes to us in variety of ways.  Here are a few categories of stress: environmental, chemical, physical, mental and emotional stress.

Environmental stress: can be caused by: bright lights over your desk; the noise of machinery; the constant ringing of telephones; or too cramped on office space.

Chemical stress: can be caused by: too many cups of coffee; too many lunch time drinks; too much JUNK food; too many aspirins or antibiotics (which you take with each bite of red meat); inhaling substances at the factory or office or your general worksite; pollution on the way to work; smokers in the office (smell of lingering smoke.

Physical stress: can be caused by: pushing your body to the limits (not getting enough sleep); running in the office fun run “fund raiser”;

over working out at the gym; driving long distances with taking enough breaks.

Mental stress: can be caused by: trying to achieve; taking exams; anguish over uncompleted jobs; unemployment; financial worries.

Emotional stress: can be caused by: relationship problems; parental guilt; the inability to give or receive love; grief of the loss of a loved one; 

 Due to there being a variety of types of stress, there are a variety of holistic essential oils and herbs to help reduce & relieve your type of stress.  Before embarking upon using the oils or herbs, first determine your level of stress and a please consult with a qualified Aroma Therapists or a natural health practitioner for proper guidance in the use of the oils and herbs for your desired effect.  Our bodies work as an integrated unit along with the mind; to take care of one, is to take care of the other.

Levels of Stress:

Level 1: starts as tiredness and develops into irritability, headaches and insomnia but is not limited to this

Level 2: depression, anxiety, muscular pain, chronic aches, persistent infections, guilt, apathy, helplessness

Level 3: persecution complex, agoraphobia (abnormal and persistent fear of public or open areas (especially where it looks difficult to escape in an emergency; also panic attacks); claustrophobia, despair, increasing guilt and depression, more susceptible to viral infections and bacterial invasions.

Level 4: at this point the body is crying “HELP”!!!!  Unexplained pain, heart problems, strokes, and high blood pressure might be experienced, along with various dis-eases that are thought to have their roots in stress like: ulcers, arthritis etc.  Stress even affects your immune system causing it to begin to breakdown, leading to all manner of physical problems.

In our next post: Holistic oils & herbs that help to reduce or relieve your different levels of stress. 






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