Different types of: STRESS

04 Jun

Stress is a part of all of our lives in some form or fashion. There are different types &; levels of stress that effect us daily, &; if left untreated can lead to other more serious health issues. The kinds of stress & degrees of it are many &; various &; so are some of the most effective treatments to relieve stress. There are 3 main categories that stress is broken down into: positive stress, normal stress &; distress.

“Positive stress” could be described as a “high”, the excited tension you get when you perform your job fast &; efficiently. Positive stress makes us aim a little bit higher, leap over the pitfalls life presents to each &; every one of us, &; gives us the “life force” to take on new challenges. This is the kind of energy that increases stimulation, helps our energy level, &; makes creativity flow; and it contributes to our “feeling good”, so this type of stress doesn’t need to be treated.

“Normal stress” is a state during which the body performs its functions for survival in response to your immediate circumstances. For example, when you have a car accident (hopefully you won’t), the body is flooded with adrenalin which causes all kinds of physical phenomenon like, everything suddenly goes into slow motion, or pain cannot immediately be felt. The “out of the ordinary stress” caused by accidents is all to the good because it increases your capacities & your efficiency. Your heart may be pounding, you’re shaking all over but you somehow managed to find a phone & call for help. Your mechanisms for dealing with survival situations took over &; allowed you to do what had to be done at the time. These “normal stress” mechanisms are very good &; there is no need to treat this kind of stress.

“Distress”, is a whole other thing. This is when the “healthy stress” becomes chronic, with the result that we have no energy, no will, only frustration at the ever increasing pressure load we’re carrying. This is the time the essential/holistic oils &; natural herbs are needed to alleviate the stress problems. I’ll cover a little more on this later.

Now let’s break this stress thing down a little bit more. The different types of stress can override each other, so that the “environmental” stress you suffer from at work can cause “mental” stress which can then follow you home &; cause “emotional” stress for the entire household. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the different levels/types of stress we encounter on a daily basis.


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